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His name is Billy. He is an American Walking Pony-gaited (3/4 Tennessee Walker and 1/4 welsh). This is a rare breed in North America. (there are about 600 registered). These horses are very flashy with wonderful dispositions. He has unusual markings and could also be registered as a Roan Pinto Gelding. Billy is gaited and is smooth as silk. He is everyone's favorite. He was raised here on the best of everything. Billy is beautiful with 4 white socks, he's like a bay roan, with lots of white, including a blaze. He has the disposition you dream about for your perfect horse: loving, unflappable and intelligent. I've had many offers on Billy, but I couldn't bring myself to part with him. He is 4 years old now with 90 days training. He is 14 hands. You really couldn't hope to own a finer horse than Billy. He has a lot of love here. but is ready to be ridden all the time and it doesn't seem fair not letting him be utilized. He is so eager to please and is a very special animal. 
He can easily carry anyone up to 180 pounds $2200.00

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